September 5, 2023
Site Services

Defining Site Services®

AMECO - The Site Services® Company logo. AMECO prides itself on being The Site Services Company. But what exactly are Site Servies?

They go by different names depending on the owner, EPC, or contractor. Sometimes they are referred to as “indirect services” or “site indirects.” We’ve heard them called general services. We’ve also heard them called “a hassle” or “a headache.” No matter what they’re called, Site Services are AMECO’s specialty (and we would argue that those last two descriptions don’t have to be the case).

Site Services are everything that’s needed inside the fence to support a construction project or operating facility. Site Services include tools and supplies, scaffolding material, scaffold erection and dismantlement, construction equipment and vehicles, workforce hydration, site access control, restrooms and lunch tents, and anything else that keeps the project running.

AMECO is the Site Services Company because we have the industry experience to turn all of these “headaches and hassles” into a streamlined support system, giving project managers and owners one number to call to supply multiple services onsite.

AMECO’s Site Services approach is customizable and as unique as the jobsite and can include as many services as needed for site efficiency and overall cost reduction.

Some of the most popular Site Services include:

Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning puts your project in a position to stay on schedule and on budget by planning for equipment, tool, and scaffold needs before breaking ground. From the very first meeting, the Site Services experts at AMECO will begin finding ways to increase efficiency and lower costs.

The AMECO approach to tools and supplies can provide tools in different commercial packages from straight purchase or rental to fully managed tool trailers. Tools & Supplies

Tools are a critical component on any construction project. Having a single provider for tools, supplies, and consumables ensures craft are using approved, appropriate tools for the task at hand and that the tools are safe and well maintained.

Integrated Scaffold Solutions

AMECO does more than rent scaffolding material. Our Integrated Scaffold Solutions program uses the most efficient scaffolding system available with proprietary planning software and execution.

Heavy lifting equipment on an infrastructure project.Heavy equipment, rigging & lifting

Have a heavy lift? AMECO is up for the challenge. AMECO’s inventory of equipment and fabrication capabilities can help you accomplish any lift.




Onsite Fueling

Operations require reliable fuel supplies to keep the fleet running efficiently. No matter the fleet mix, or how the fleet mix changes over the life of a project, AMECO provides a turnkey fueling solution to handle sitewide fuel purchase, storage, and distribution.

Workforce Hydration

AMECO’s workforce hydration takes an innovative approach to supply cold water and hydration sitewide, no matter the site conditions. From self-contained water processing units, to totes of ice and water places strategically at site, AMECO will ensure workers stay safely hydrated.

Those are just a handful of Site Services AMECO can provide. To learn more about bringing these and other Site Services inside the fence with a fully-managed program, explore AMECO’s StrikeForce program. Or contact a Site Services expert for a free consultation.



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