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It takes a lot of tools and equipment to keep operating facilities up and running, and no one can afford to overspend on tools and supplies or risk downtime because of unmanaged inventory. Know where you are on your tool spend (and know exactly where your tools and supplies are) with AMECO’s NextStep vendor managed inventory. AMECO’s NextStep solution provides product tracking, reporting, and standardization, which reduces waste and redundancy.

Everything you need at your fingertips

NextStep is powered by AMECO’s StrikeForce Connect ecommerce portal and drastically simplifies ordering, inventory, and billing.

  • Flexible – Enter orders online or over the phone
  • Transparent – Set up and manage order approvals
  • Informative – Easily see past orders, items issued to staff, usage accrual by cost center for accounting accuracy, and and favorites.
NextStep Solutions for Operating Sites
Chemical and Petrochemical
Power Industry
Industrial Sites

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