Improving Sustainability in Construction
Sustainability is a driving force in the construction market. AMECO’s unique approach to providing Site Services® helps clients meet their sustainability and broader Environmental, Social, and Governance objectives.

AMECO’s Site Services solution supports your delivery of project Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives. By consolidating multiple construction indirect services AMECO can help you eliminate the duplication of goods and services required by individual contractors.

A Proven ESG-Based Construction Model
Integrated Scaffolding Solutions

AMECO uses PERI Up scaffolding material which has a number of ESG benefits.

  • Because it requires smaller crews to install and dismantle, it reduces craft congestion and overall craft count
  • Reduces the need for scaffold consumables, including lumber and tie-wire
  • PERI Up scaffolding is a lighter and stronger material that reduces fall risk via multiple tie-off points, minimizes push/pull injuries, and eliminates gaps in the toe boards common to other scaffold systems.
  • The lighter, stackable components mean fewer telehandler trips, reducing onsite emissions.
  • PERI Up components eliminate the need to cut wood planks or toeboards, eliminating waste and improving safety.
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Tools & Supplies

Today’s battery tools are as powerful and versatile as pneumatic and plug-in electric tools. AMECO can provide a full range of new battery powered, electric, or pneumatic tools. As a sustainability enhancement AMECO performs tool repair, refurbishment, and recycling, both extending the life of tools and improving safety while lowering overall costs for our clients and keeping tools out of landfills.

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Vehicles & Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is a major source of scope 3 emissions on a construction site. Transitioning to electric vehicles is a goal for many AMECO clients. While construction equipment and truck manufacturers are sprinting to provide electric versions of field tested equipment, realistically, a full electric fleet is some years off. The good news is electric isn’t the only way to reduce scope 3 emissions and improve sustainability onsite.

AMECO centralizes vehicle and construction equipment provision, which provides a number of sustainability benefits.

  • AMECO’s onsite fleet management program ensures that every piece of equipment is maintained and free of leaks before being released for project use.
  • AMECO provides a centralized maintenance facility ensuring all petroleum-based products or other fluids are properly collected for recycling and disposal
  • Using a centralized equipment plan minimizes equipment use, reducing emissions; , reduces cost; and reduces site congestion.
  • AMECO’s equipment monitoring system identifies and eliminates excessive idle time, reducing emissions, and anticipates potential equipment failures, including spills.

AMECO’s Construction Equipment & Vehicles Site Services>>> can provide additional sustainability benefits, including:

  • Use of solar and LED light towers
  • Sourcing electric or natural gas equipment
  • Sourcing hybrid and electric vehicles, including pickup trucks
  • Sourcing hybrid construction equipment
  • Reducing duplication on site, eliminating freight trips to deliver equipment

Once a detailed list of construction equipment needed for the site is developed, AMECO will identify additional sustainability improvements available.

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Onsite Fueling

Sustainability metrics can be improved in a fully conventional fleet. Centralizing fueling for equipment and vehicles onsite with AMECO provides many benefits, including:

  • Fuel consumption reports to identify waste
  • A tested fueling procedure aimed at reducing/eliminating spills
  • A dedicated fueling team with HAZMAT certification for quick clean up in the event of a spill
  • Ensure use of portable containment trays in the fueling process
  • Limit site congestion caused by multiple contractors or multiple fuel providers performing fueling operations
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Workforce Hydration

Staying hydrated on the job is critical to safety. AMECO’s Workforce Hydration service also improves site sustainability by eliminating plastic waste and reducing emissions. In fact, switching to the AMECO Workforce Hydration service can eliminate 2.5 tons of plastic waste per year, per 1,000 people. And by eliminating daily deliveries of pallets of water bottles, CO2 emissions are reduced by 37 tons per year per 1,000 people.

Workforce Hydration works by providing chilled water from central distribution points near the work allowing labor to fill and refill reusable water bottles as often as needed.

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Industrial Relief Facilities & Wastewater Management

Waste management and site cleanup is crucial to a sustainability driven project. Conventional waste management procedures usually consists of contractors bringing in large containers where waste material is delivered with little regard to separating recyclables. AMECO centralizes waste management to facilitate responsible site cleanup ensuring recyclables, scrap material, and waste are captured in the right containers for proper disposal. Utilzing the AMECO Site Services approach can:

  • Reduce site congestion
  • Eliminate trips to the landfill
  • Drastically reduce single-use plastic usage onsite
  • Save money on waste disposal fees

In addition to construction site waste management, AMECO provides onsite restroom facilities that go beyond traditional portable toilets.

Having portable toilets onsite requires pumper trucks to visit the site multiple times per week to clean the facilities. With AMECO’s restroom service, full-scale restroom trailers are placed onsite near work. All waste is processed in an onsite, municipal-grade sewage treatment system, and the treated water is made available for on-site use, including dust suppression or for watering vegetation.

The AMECO onsite restroom service can

  • Improve jobsite experience for craft labor
  • Eliminate the need for portable toilets, their chemicals, and need to be emptied daily
  • Provide water for onsite use
  • Save millions of dollars per year
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