Industrial Relief Facilities & Wastewater Management
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Water is a critical resource on a capital construction or industrial site. AMECO can provide water management programs to provide non-potable water, manage waste from restrooms all while improving site comfort and sustainability.

Project sites need water, both potable and non-, for a great many uses. From industrial relief facilities to dust control and everything in between, having reliable and use-appropriate sources of water is essential.

AMECO has a water resource management solution that can help accomplish all of your practical water needs on a project site and assist in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives.


Water Resource Management
  • Industrial Relief Facilities
  • On-site Potable and Non-Potable Water
  • Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation
  • Dust Control
ESG made easy.

ESG programs are a major focus for many companies, but maintaining compliance can be a hassle. AMECO provides results and data that contribute to ESG program goals.

AMECO’s water resource management program aligns with a sustainability-based capital program by:

  • Eliminating 2.5 tons of plastic waste per year, per thousand people
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 37 tons per year, per thousand people
  • Recycling non-potable water into other construction water use (i.e., dust control or vegetation)
  • Meeting all quality and health standards of the EPA
Industrial Relief Facilities

Restrooms are important on a jobsite. And while rows and rows of portable toilets may be common, it’s not the only way. AMECO can provide mobile, climate-controlled portable restrooms for workforce relief.

Unique features include a climate-controlled break or meeting space with water, ice and food refrigeration, audio and visual technology, and restrooms with flushing toilets, sinks, and hand dryers.

The AMECO restroom solution also works well for disaster response situations. The skid-deployed industrial restroom facilities can supply sanitary restroom facilities for large populations. The Reliever Rig is an innovative, environmentally friendly solution for restrooms on construction and emergency management sites.

When paired with our industry-leading Hydration Solutions AMECO can provide unparalleled workforce relief while enhancing health, productivity, safety, and sustainability. Unique features include separate, climate-controlled restrooms with flushing toilets for men and women, indoor and outdoor hand washing stations, and a safety shower.

Epic jobsites don’t get to have all the perks. AMECO can provide a restroom and relief facility for smaller jobsites as well.

Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management 

The industrial relief solution manages your complete sewage collection and processing needs for temporary locations with innovative onsite processing services, mitigating your risk from hauling, reducing your cost, and providing quantifiable environmental and social governance (ESG) improvement.

The waste water and sewage is processed by a municipal grade treatment system that treats and sanitizes the wastewater and provides it for industrial use.

Onsite processing means you can upgrade your construction site toilets from porta-potties to fully functional restrooms. And we handle any and all permitting and compliance to make the solution hassle free.

We can handle it all.
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