Workforce Hydration

What are you spending to keep your workforce hydrated?

You might be procuring water and ice at a low cost, but have you considered the hidden costs of workforce hydration? Factors like delivery, onsite distribution, cleanup labor, and waste from spoilage and hygiene issues add up over the life of a project.

Graphic showing the hidden cost of workforce hydration


The hidden fees can unnecessarily inflate project costs by upwards of $1.25 per worker per day. That sounds insignificant until the extra costs are put into perspective, equating to an additional cost of close to $1 million over the life of a two-year project with an average of 1,500 craft workers.


A refreshing solution

AMECO’s comprehensive service is more efficient and less expensive distribution method for large project sites. AMECO’s Workforce Hydration solutions can provide an all-inclusive solution for daily water and ice delivery, sitewide distribution, pickup, and replenishment.

Enhance efficiency and safety
  • Fully managed program
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Highly efficient on jobsites of all sizes
  • Reduces labor needs and potential for  lost time incidents by eliminating manual lifting and positioning of heavy water jugs and coolers
  • Keeps water & sports drinks at OSHA standards for more than 5 days in extreme heat
  • Prevents freezing in harsh winter temperatures
  • Forklift compatible distribution for easy placement close to worksites and to elevated structures

Fully managed onsite workforce hydration

For long-term projects or projects with rigorous sustainability goals or a need to keep onsite traffic to a minimum, AMECO provides a fully managed integrated onsite hydration solution.

Hydration With Added Sustainability Benefits
Keep workers hydrated with cool, clean water while at the same time eliminating thousands of single-use plastic bottles every day.

AMECO’s workforce hydration takes an innovative approach and sustainable alternative to bottled water and ice distribution. Self-contained water processing units are distributed throughout the site to provide abundant verifiable potable water and ice to the workforce. Additional “kiosk” style stations are located near work fronts to supply safe, compliant drinking water at the OSHA approved temperature, all without the need for coolers, ice, and trucking.

Wastewater Management


In addition to providing drinking water for construction sites, AMECO’s Workforce Hydration Site Services works hand-in-glove with the Industrial Relief Facilities & Wastewater Management program by providing restrooms with flushing toilets onsite.

An on-site, municipal-grade waste treatment facility can recycle the treated wastewater back into the toilet facilities or utilize it for dust suppression or other construction applications, creating a “circular hydration economy” on the jobsite. The facility eliminates the need for daily maintenance of portable chemical toilets.

We can handle it all.
AMECO offers complete management of the Site Services® your team relies on. From pre-construction planning and customizing your package to running the day-to-day distribution, tracking, ordering, and servicing of everything you need, we can keep your team work-ready and save you a lot of hassle in the process.
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