Workforce Hydration
Keep workers hydrated with cool, clean water while at the same time eliminating thousands of single-use plastic bottles every day.

AMECO’s workforce hydration takes an innovative approach and sustainable alternative to bottled water and ice distribution. Self-contained water processing units are distributed throughout the site to provide abundant verifiable potable water and ice to the workforce. Additional “kiosk” style stations are located near work fronts to supply safe, compliant drinking water at the OSHA approved temperature, all without the need for coolers, ice, and trucking.


Sustainability enhancement

AMECO’s workforce hydration service aligns with a sustainability-based capital program by:

  • Eliminating 2.5 tons of plastic waste per year, per thousand people
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 37 tons per year, per thousand people
  • Providing chilled water from central distribution points located near or around the work fronts
  • Meeting all quality and health standards of the EPA
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