OnSite IQ

Increase safety and efficiency while lowering cost

With more than 75 years supporting capital construction projects, we understand the complexity of the jobsite.

AMECO works with owners, EPCs, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors to build some of the world’s most complex projects. We have seen the problems that can arise on a jobsite. More importantly, we have learned how to prevent common problems from arising and how to get back on track when they inevitably do.

Experience and Expertise

OnSite IQ is the combination of the people, processes, and technology that AMECO puts together to keep your site work-ready. The experience and expertise AMECO brings to a project is an instant boost to your OnSite IQ.

Single-call Resource

AMECO is a single-call resource for indirect project services that are critical to construction activities and common among all contractors and subcontractors working onsite.

These sitewide services are typically

  • Independent scopes of service
  • Owner driven from the top down
  • Duplicated across multiple contractors
  • Have potential to create redundant cost centers
  • Can increase site congestion
  • Are considered a “distraction” or “afterthought” for contractors
  • Are not approached with a uniform strategy
AMECO’s OnSite IQ approach lowers overall cost in three key ways.
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1. Supplier Advantage
AMECO is has a global supplier network and is supplier agnostic. That means we have a large network of suppliers with whom we negotiate rates allowing us to provide the right solution at the right price without being tied to one specific supplier. And by provisioning services sitewide, we’re able to gain pricing advantages while also eliminating service redundancy onsite.
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2. Predictable, Transparent Invoicing
We provide our Site Services and Site Solutions in an easy to understand, transparent way, meaning your accounts payable department will receive invoices on a predictable schedule and at the expected value. We eliminate surprise charges and costs.
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3. Incentive Programs
Because we provide Site Services that range from sitewide tool provision to construction equipment fleet management, we can create custom services and solutions packages that include incentives for bundling services.

Learn more about how AMECO increases your OnSite IQ by lowering cost, increasing time on tools, and improving site safety through its Site Services and Site Solutions.
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