August 29, 2023
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How to: Build cost certainty into your tool program

Set your budget and stick to it with a fixed cost tool program

No project can afford to overspend on tools and supplies. You need to know you can stay on schedule and on budget. While many companies
can provide you with tools, AMECO offers a highly flexible fixed cost tool program for renting and managing small tools, consumables, and supplies. Reduce risk and uncertainty while guaranteeing you have the tools and supplies you need, when you need them!

The tool program works by combining input from your project with the procurement and project execution expertise of AMECO. Our proprietary pricing formula considers craft peak, hours, and mix combined with historical tool usage data to deliver an accurate model of your true small tools and supplies cost. Once set, the price won’t go up!

An AMECO tool crib attendant scans out a tool for distribution on a jobsite. The AMECO Tool program can provide onsite tool management.

Icon featuring a dollar sign and a checkmark representing cost certainty. Cost Certainty
The Dollar per hour agreed upon rate doesn’t change.

Icon featuring a wrench to represent tool maintenance and replacementMaintenance and Replacement
Tool inspection, maintenance, and replacement are included.

Icon featuring a construction worker and a clipboard to represent onsite tool management. Manage Onsite
Tools are inside the gate with tool loss, theft, and misuse significantly reduced.

Icon of a power tool to represent increased time on tools. Increased Time On Tools Onsite inventories planned according to craft worker schedules.

How the AMECO tool program works

Graphic depicting how AMECO fixed cost tool program works. Content includes: AMECO gets to know you and your project: Determine craft hours, mix, and peak as well as additional project information. Pre-deployment alignment: Stakeholders at your company and AMECO meet to confirm the tools, supplies, and consumables that will be included, providing you with what you need. Shipping and storage: Your tools are packed into an AMECO gangbox, Seacan, or Tool Trailer and shipped to thejobsite. Inventory and Restocking: Tools and consumables are monitored so inventory is never exhausted. Continuous engagement: AMECO operations will meet with you regularly to assess needs to ensure disruptions are minimized.

AMECO does tool programs differently

Graphic depicing the old way to handle tool procurment vs the new way. Old way: Leave it to the PMC Let the EPC Sub it out Hidden Cost The AMECO tool program: Cost Certainty Reduced Risk Significant Savings


Types of efforts that benefit from AMECO Tool programs

  • Capital Projects
  • Ongoing Maintenance Efforts
  • Construction Projects
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds

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