Employee Benefits
When you join the team at AMECO, you earn more than just a salary. AMECO employees have access to competitive benefits that help keep you and your family healthy.
Benefits at AMECO include:
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AMECO offers domestic medical insurance giving full-time employees access to a vast network of primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals. We offer a Preferred Provider Option and a High Deductible Health Plan to fit your family’s medical needs with premiums that match industry averages.
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Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall wellness. That is why our dental coverage provides for preventative dental checkups as well as coverage for basic or major services.
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Vision coverage allows you to save money on eligible eye care expenses, such as periodic eye exams, eyeglasses and more for you and your dependents.
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Life Insurance
Basic life insurance is provided as well as opportunities to extend coverage for yourself or dependents.
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Disability Insurance
Disability coverage is there to help you through health challenges so you can return to work.
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Paid Time Off (PTO)
Each employee accrues PTO commensurate with their years of service. Our company offers paid holidays as well as paid time away from work.
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AMECO employees can make pre/post tax contributions to the 401k with a partial match to help you plan for your future.
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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP provides employees and their families with critical assistance for some of life’s toughest challenges. AMECO’s EAP benefits include assistance with adoption, child development, senior care, emotional and mental health, health and wellness, financial education, and legal support.
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Employee Discounts
AMECO employees receive great discounts on travel, car rentals, computers, and even groceries!