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Shutdowns - Turnarounds

Providing facility shutdowns or turnarounds with on-site outage support

Whether a facility is undergoing a planned shutdown or a forced outage, work must begin immediately and continue without interruptions until every task has been completed. A poorly handled outage can mean escalating project schedules and cost overruns.

AMECO provides the reliable full services of a one-stop shop for all tool and equipment needs on your site. We can offer you what you need, when and where you need it. We will support you with 24/7 availability, decades of experience, and uncompromised commitment to get you back up and running efficiently, on budget and on time.

AMECO, in partnership with Dynamic Air Shelters, ensures worker safety on outage sites with the potential for blasts or the presence of gas vapors by offering blast resistant air shelters. Supported by air-inflated columns and meeting the guidelines of API 756, these unique structures provide the technology necessary to shelter at-risk workers in a potential blast zone. Standard shelters are ideal for plants, refineries, and other locations with potential blast zones.

Small tools do not necessarily equate to small costs. During outages and shutdowns, workers need the right tools to make sure they get the job done quickly. That means fast turnaround and an available onsite inventory to meet any need. With global buying power and a single point of contact operation, AMECO makes certain the right tool is in the right place at the right time. With the support of strategically located operations and distribution centers, AMECO can offer a 24-hour turnaround of any tool not already in the onsite inventory.

No matter what equipment you need, AMECO has the ability to source and support it. From planning and forecasting to supply and logistics, AMECO has the solution. From vehicles to cranes, we offer the right equipment onsite to make sure the job is done quickly and done right. We manage your fleet, offer fuel and lubrication services, and provide transparent reporting, allowing you to focus on the business at hand: Getting your operation back to operational.

Shutdowns and outages require an experienced partner with a proven track record of consistently providing services with speed and expertise. With 75 years of industry experience, AMECO has become a trusted partner to clients by providing expertise, responsiveness, reliability, innovation, and safety.

To better serve our clients, AMECO has strategically located operations centers and support sites that specialize in outage support services.

Featured Project Profile
AMECO has been providing outage support services to this client since 1984 by providing equipment sales and rentals, a tool rental program, office trailers, vehicles and automobiles, and safety items.

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