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Mining Services

Specialized and Integrated Mining Support

Too often, large mining operations have several contractors onsite providing a multitude of different activities from equipment provisioning to operations and maintenance. With multiple contractors come multiple problems, including duplication of efforts, multiple points of contact, and potential invoicing issues.

To better provide service on the mine site, AMECO has customized mining services solutions, allowing you to avoid duplicating resources in different areas of the mine by providing a single point of contact to provide all the equipment, operators, support services, and maintenance needed to execute work on the mine site. These services enable mine owners, operators, and other onsite contractors to optimize their resources, lower their costs, and execute projects more efficiently.

Today, AMECO offers Mining Fleet Services and Mining Support Services.

  • Mining Fleet Services include the equipment used on a mining site, either with or without operators and maintenance. This equipment includes mining trucks, heavy lift cranes, earth moving equipment, dump trucks, excavators, dozers, light towers, boom trucks, generators, and air compressors.
  • Mining Support Services include providing integrated equipment solutions to manage, maintain, and operate auxiliary fleets and specialty mining equipment during mine construction or daily operations. AMECO also offers hauling services onsite, moving materials from where it is mined to where it is processed.

Through specifically created strategic alliances with our clients, AMECO offers a fully integrated solution, providing support, maintenance, and operation while removing the potential pitfalls of overspending on multiple contracts without the required results.

  • Lifting Services: Fleet services that include operations and maintenance.
  • Earth Moving Services: Includes operation and maintenance, as well as providing aid in tailings dam wall betterment and other services.
  • Complete Maintenance Services: Plans for all equipment units, including preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance.
  • Mining Equipment Assembly: Services Specialization in assembling mining shovels and trucks.
  • Material Transport Services: Pebble, material, and/or concentrate transportation, specifically for transferring material onto conveyer belts or boats for export.
  • Environmental Mitigation Services: Includes dust control and road clearing services.
  • Plant Shutdown Services: Provision of required equipment and operators to enable mine owners to shut down for necessary repairs and/or maintenance.
  • Specialized Equipment Design Services: Innovation and expertise allows us to design equipment units specific to each client’s mining need.

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