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Operations Services

Optimizing your operation, so you can focus on your business

AMECO’s Operations Support Services programs are designed to help reduce overall operating costs and improve operational efficiency.

With decades of experience in comprehensive management services for a variety of markets and industries, including industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, refineries, and mining sites, we shape our programs to fit our clients’ needs, ensuring you get the level of support you need. AMECO optimizes operations by improving utilization, operational performance, and service levels, while our predictable cost structure means reduced overhead and better consistency so you can focus on your core capabilities.

Under an Operations Support Services program, AMECO manages support functions, from tools and equipment to operations and maintenance. An Operations Support Services program is ideal if you find your project struggling with support operations, either because you are trying to do everything yourself or you have multiple providers, creating confusion and an unmanageable stream of invoices.

AMECO also offers both mining support and mining operations programs, enabling clients to focus on pulling material from the ground, rather than managing the equipment to do so.

Featured Project Profiles
Minera Escondida
AMECO has been supporting Minera Escondida’s mining operation since 1996 by providing an Operations Fleet Services offering that includes fleet purchase, management, maintenance, and repair as well as equipment rental.
Cable & Wireless Jamaica
AMECO has been supplying operations fleet services to this client since 2001, including fleet purchase, management, maintenance and repair, replacement and disposal, accident reporting, and dispatch services.

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