September 7, 2023
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How AMECO supports disaster response and recovery

When disasters strike, getting the right equipment to the right place at the right time can make all the difference. For decades, government agencies and industrial clients have turned to AMECO to supply critical tools, equipment, and hydration services in their disaster response efforts.

Equipment & Tools

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, FEMA called upon AMECO to supply critical support. Within days, AMECO sourced and delivered more than 3,600 pieces of equipment from 12 states to aid in the mammoth recovery efforts. The speed and scale of this response was crucial for supporting communities devastated by the hurricane.

More recently, AMECO provided hundreds of emergency vehicles to crews restoring power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

In addition to sourcing heavy equipment needed during disaster response efforts, AMECO offers customized programs to manage tools like chainsaws and other power tools, generators, supplies, PPE, and more.

Ice & Water

Natural disasters often affect the drinking water supply. In addition to tools and equipment, AMECO can supply and distribute ice and clean drinking water to first responders and emergency shelters. Having access to water and ice is vital in disaster recovery situations, and AMECO’s flexible Workforce Hydration solutions can be used to support disaster relief efforts.

Strategically located

AMECO can deploy disaster response support across the US and Canada from its operations centers located across North America. From these operations centers, AMECO can swiftly mobilize trailers full of equipment and tools critical for recovery tasks.

For hurricane response along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, AMECO can deploy equipment and tools from operations centers in South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama.

For disaster response operations in the Midwest, Mountain, and Western states, operations centers are standing by in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, Alberta, and British Columbia.

By using these operation centers as home base, AMECO can rapidly dispatch trailers fully stocked with equipment, tools, and safety gear to sites where they are urgently needed.

No one wants disaster to strike. But when forces of nature like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires threaten, AMECO is there to help municipal governments and industry keep first responders safe by supplying the tools and equipment they need to rebuild.

Emergency Response Packages Include:
  • Generators and light towers
  • Emergency shelters
  • Temporary restroom facilities
  • Ice and water
  • Temperature control solutions
  • Carts and trucks
  • Equipment rentals
  • Fueling services
  • Safety equipment
  • Chainsaws, tools
  • And more…

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