May 2, 2023

Construction Safety Week: Engage to create a safety culture

AMECO Construction Safety Week logoWorking safely is the most important thing we do because everyone needs to go home to their friends and families every day. At AMECO, everyone plays an integral role in building a strong safety culture and providing a safe place to work. That’s why AMECO is a proud participant of Construction Safety Week 2023.

Field and Operations personnel are the front line of keeping our team and environment safe by observing their surroundings, following the plan to install work, and speaking up when something isn’t right. The same level of engagement is also necessary at AMECO facilities.

Working together, we build a supportive culture where everyone’s voice matters. By encouraging open communication, we create an environment where people feel safe to speak up, we learn more about what is happening on the job, and employees are empowered to engage in their own safety and the safety of those working around them.

Safe and Supportive Leadership
  1. Be a visible leader. Demonstrate that safety matters to you and that it’s more important than production. Ask about resources, project challenges, and hazards people are facing.
  2. Consistently communicate your safety expectations in a respectful way. This should be done in conversations you have throughout the day.
  3. Recognize and reinforce safe work practices during interactions. Focus the discussion on why safety is important because context influences behavior.
  4. Encourage open communication about near-miss events, hazards, and ways to be more effective. Remember that how you respond matters. Build trust by actively listening to concerns and engaging others in resolution.
Empowered Personnel:
  1. Before starting work, make sure a plan is in place to complete the work safely.
  2. Walk the area before starting work and look for hazards. Inspect all tools and equipment. Make sure all hazards are controlled before starting the operation.
  3. Openly communicate concerns to your supervisor. Report near-miss events, accidents, and incidents so action can be taken to prevent recurrence.
  4. Stop work when conditions change or you encounter a concern that cannot be resolved. Report the issue to your supervisor. It might be necessary to revise the work plan before restarting work.

See something – say something, and remember the Construction Safety Week 2023 theme: Strong Voices help make Safe Choices.

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