May 6, 2024

Construction Safety Week 2024: Value Every Voice

Construction Safety Week 2024 runs from May 6-10, 2024. AMECO is a proud participant of Construction Safety Week, which gives us a great opportunity to join the entire industry in celebrating our commitment to sending every worker home safely.

The theme this year is “Value Every Voice” which is a great representation of AMECO’s culture and aligns with our core values.

Construction Safety Week 2024: Value Every Voice.Safety is a bond that unites us. It’s our connection to each other, and something bigger than ourselves. Building strong teams who work safely is our most important job. When there’s trust, respect, and communication, everyone can own and act on safety. That’s how we can break the patterns that lead to accidents and injuries, strengthen our connections, and create more opportunities to improve our safety culture. During this week, we will focus on three main areas that unite us all in safety:

  • Drive Personal Ownership to Begin and End Safe Onsite Every Day

Recognizing the role and responsibility of every individual to own their environment and safety. And while the construction industry has extensive safety standards, processes, and best practices accidents and dangerous events can happen at any time unless we maintain consistent focus.

  • Encourage and Welcome New Ideas

Valuing every voice ensures that all team members have a chance to add ideas, ask questions, challenge norms, or offer ideas for improvement in a collaborative atmosphere. The dialog created through everyone’s contributions brings forward the expertise on the crew and leads to better hazard identification and safety improvements in the workplace.

  • Embracing Every Voice

By emphasizing the importance of listening and ensuring every voice is heard strengthens trust and respect within teams. When people feel heard and valued, morale and engagement improve, and teams are more productive. In contrast, if people do not feel heard, they are less likely to bring forth safety concerns, which directly correlates to decreased morale and productivity.

Safer Together

This week, at jobsites, operations centers, warehouses, and offices across AMECO, we will be participating in  toolbox talks, safety events, fellowship, and other activities to celebrate Construction Safety Week  — and every voice.


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