April 22, 2024

Celebrating AMECO’s Vistage Emerging Leaders Program Graduates

At AMECO, we believe in the continuous growth and development of ATeam members. We are proud to showcase a group of AMECO professionals who completed the Vistage Worldwide, Inc. Emerging Leaders program.

The Vistage program is designed to hone leadership skills and broaden the understanding of positive culture in the workplace. Through this program, our professionals have gained valuable insights and experiences that they will  bring back to AMECO and demonstrate in their leadership roles.

Congratulations the following AMECO graduates:
Jack Marcum
Leigh Hartung, MBA
John Hummeldorf
Tim Rowe

The Vistage Emerging Leaders program equips high-potential individuals with the skills and confidence to grow and excel as senior organizational leaders. Through a curriculum focused on 12 core leadership competencies, participants gain expertise in areas like strategic thinking, communication, collaboration, and issue processing.

“Vistage has given me the opportunity to collaborate with a group of professionals that otherwise wouldn’t happen,” said Vistage graduate Tim Rowe. “People from different business markets, various roles in their company, and leadership styles.”

Leigh Hartung, another AMECO graduate, found the program particularly helpful in understanding her new role within the industry. “I think anyone in a managerial or a ‘leadership’ position can become stagnant and complacent within their role and within that level in their company. This program offered tools and examples of ways you can always grow within your current role and beyond.”

We look forward to the professional growth and continued leadership of these four ATeam members.

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