February 15, 2023

Benefits of PERI scaffolding: 5 ways AMECO’s Integrated Scaffolding Solutions lowers overall cost

Scaffolding can make or break a capital construction project or turnaround effort. But this traditionally challenging aspect of project execution can be an efficient, well-planned platform for project success by taking advantage of industry experience and the benefits of using PERI scaffolding.

AMECO’s Integrated Scaffolding Solutions makes the most of 75 years of industry experience to prevent common scaffolding challenges. The program has answers for challenges like labor and material shortages, labor cost overruns, rework, inventory mismanagement, and schedule setbacks. A program that includes pre-planning, predictive models, and tracking allow for accurate labor and material estimates for erecting and dismantling scaffolds.

A Scaffolding Labor Saving System

Scaffolding labor can account for up to 40% of indirect labor costs. AMECO uses PERI Up scaffolding material, which can be erected safely with teams of two or three instead of teams of four to six that are required with ringlock systems. One of the key benefits of PERI scaffolding and AMECO’s Integrated Scaffolding Solutions is the labor savings out of the gate. Plus there is an added benefit of reducing labor requirements while in a tight labor market.

Planning For Success

The pre-planning process is one of the key benefits of using PERI Scaffolding and AMECO. When AMECO engages early in the project planning process, our scaffolding experts can design the structure, forecast the components required, and factor in modifications needed as the project progresses. By considering scaffolding early in the process, we are able to estimate the true cost of scaffolding for the life of the project. That eliminates paying for the material you don’t need. And unnecessary freight charges are eliminated because there are no unplanned shipments or pallets of excess scaffolding being returned unused.

A Trusted Labor Partner

AMECO can source and provide labor to erect and dismantle scaffold structures. We partner with scaffolding experts who specialize in the PERI Up system, further improving labor cost, schedule efficiencies, and safety performance.

5 Ways AMECO Maximizes Benefits of PERI Scaffolding

  1. Labor Savings – AMECO’s scaffold system can bring 15 percent better labor efficiency than traditional scaffold systems. This savings is achieved through lighter scaffold components, standardized sizes, and pre-planning.
  2. Save Time – Time-intensive handwork, such as wiring in toeboards and installing decking isn’t required. PERI components lock in quickly and securely every time.
  3. Modular Configuration – No need to cut wood to fit and install as decking or toeboards. PERI components are sized for flexible configurations, and metal, high-visibility toeboards are standard components.
  4. Onsite Efficiency – Make fewer telehandler trips with lighter, stackable components, allowing for more material to be moved at once.
  5. Freight Savings – Because PERI components are lighter, they require fewer shipments. With AMECO’s pre-planning, unplanned trips and the associated freight costs are eliminated.



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