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Small Tools & Consumables

Controlling Small Tool & Consumable Expenses

Small tools and consumables make up a large portion of the total installed cost of a project. They are necessary for each craft worker to do their job, yet it takes much more than just the initial cash outlay to provide tools for your project.

As the project owner, you face your own sets of challenges. The true cost of a tool program includes staffing, administration, freight, mobilization, logistics, and procurement, and, as the owner, you are also dealing with:

  • Asset disposition at project end
  • Initial cash outlay/negative cash flow
  • Inventory utilization
  • Multiple invoices from suppliers
  • Tool loss, theft, and abuse
  • Tools and supplies warehousing issues

These challenges can add up, resulting in significant losses to craft productivity, delays in schedules, and costs that exceed your budget.

While many companies can provide you with tools, AMECO’s custom tool programs are highly flexible solutions programs that provide you a cost-effective way to rent and manage small tools, consumables, and supplies. Whether on a capital construction project or an ongoing, sustaining operation, our tool programs are developed to be customized to fit your specific site needs.

As the pioneers of the one-stop-shop approach to tooling onsite, AMECO shares the risk. We provide more than just tools; we offer supplies, consumables, and safety gear. You will get a team of experienced, dedicated onsite personnel, as well as access to our propriety barcoded tracking system.

Using one contractor with decades of experience and the expertise to get you what you need, when you need it, cutting the time it takes to mobilize and deliver, increases your productivity and reduces your total cost, saving an average 6 to 8 percent.

  • One monthly invoice
  • Inventory optimization
  • Onsite inventory locations
  • Electronic barcode tracking

Small tools do not necessarily have to equal a big expense. Let AMECO help you control costs by handling everything. We are your backroom support system, managing all aspects of your tool program and leaving you to manage your job.


Keeping workers safe is an important job. That’s why it’s critical that they have the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need. AMECO clients can save on PPE needs by ordering directly from the AMECO Store. To unlock your AMECO store account contact us!

Featured Project Profile
Dow Gulfstream Oyster Creek Expansion
AMECO supplied this project with a full array of Construction Services program, including equipment, tools, onsite maintenance, indirect support services, and blast resistant air shelters.

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