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Integrated Scaffolding Program

Taking Scaffolding to the Next Level

Construction projects are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and stay within budget. One area that projects are focusing on is scaffolding. Over the years scaffolding expenses have been growing rapidly as result of increasing labor costs. Today on a typical project, labor required for scaffolding installation represents 20 percent of the total direct field labor requirements. With millions of dollars at stake, Construction Managers know that increasing labor efficiency is the key to managing scaffolding costs.

The most effective way to manage scaffolding costs is to convert scaffolding to a planned, prime work process. Waiting to plan scaffolding after construction has started almost guarantees potential cost overruns and delays. That is why AMECO has partnered with PERI in order to provide clients with an Integrated Scaffolding Program (ISP) that takes scaffolding management to the next level.

The ISP is changing how projects view scaffolding management by elevating scaffolding to a project discipline and incorporating it into pre-project planning. As part of this program scaffolding material is identified and designed within a 3D model during the engineering phase, well before being constructed in the field. This preplanning allows for greater innovative designs and adaptive solutions that can dramatically reduce field modifications and craft hours needed for installation. In addition, PERI’s revolutionary material design makes it safer and quicker to install, further enhancing labor efficiency.

  • Subject matter experts to assist with front end scaffolding design
  • Pre-construction 3D modeling that can continue smoothly in the construction phase
  • Scaffold work packages to assist in assembly
  • Installation using two-to-three-person crews (versus the traditional four-to-five-person crews)
  • 40 percent faster to assemble than tube and clamp scaffolds
  • Available PERI Path software that provides real-time data for enhanced cost visibility and savings
  • Project Savings. Projects can achieve 15 to 20 percent savings on labor costs due to the innovative scaffold material, preplanning, and design capability of the program.
  • Reduced Material Costs. 3D modeling designs accurately predicts what is needed; reducing unplanned scaffolding requirements.
  • Predictability. The pre-planning design allows for increased predictability and forecasting helping to minimize surprises and delays.
  • Increased Safety. All PERI scaffold material is produced by PERI in Germany and has a proprietary design that does not mix with other OEM components.

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