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Indirect Support Services

Indirect Support Services: More than just tools and equipment

On every capital construction project, there are two types of services: direct services and indirect services. Direct services are those that are typically thought of on a jobsite and can include construction equipment, tools, and craft labor. Indirect services include those that are critical to the support of the overall construction project. These services are more often than not considered after the initial scopes have been released. These services are sometimes duplicated across multiple contractors onsite, which creates redundancy and duplication, as well as site congestion. This creates additional costs and project time delays.

As most indirect services are typically subcontracted to multiple contractors, AMECO offers a one-stop shop approach to consolidating costs and reducing redundancy by helping to streamline cost through using one vendor for all your needs, cross training and utilizing employees, sharing equipment and vehicles, and reducing contract management and administrative hours.

  • Allows site management to work with only one supplier for all needs onsite.
  • Provides consistent services and amenities across all onsite contractors.
  • Allows execution contractors to focus on completing their specific scope of work.
  • Creates a flexible alternative to managing small scopes of work, eliminating the change order process, and creating a more responsive onsite organization because of existing contract and onsite presence.
  • Captures and reports local spend through a central function.
  • Creates greater schedule and management control while reducing inventory.
  • Reduces site congestion by reducing the number of subcontractors and craft employees that are onsite at any given time.
  • Provides a central health, safety, and environmental program aligned with site requirements.
Site Services®

We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to optimize, streamline, and improve your onsite performance and service levels.

Our services include:

  • Plants/trucks
  • Dust control/snow removal
  • Fencing
  • Form work
  • Man camps (and related services)
  • Ice and water manufacture and distribution
  • Janitorial services
  • Non-destructive testing coordination
  • Onsite bussing
  • Site clean-up
  • Welding rods and gases
  • Communications
  • Equipment inspections and certifications
  • Fire and hole watch
  • Fueling services
  • Supply and management of vehicles
  • Surveying
  • Site-specific safety orientation and training
  • Temporary facilities
  • Temporary power
  • Supplies, PPE, and consumables
  • Warehouse and material handling
Featured Project Profile
Minera y Metalurgica del Boleo
AMECO supplied this project with a Construction Services offering that included construction equipment, logistics, maintenance, rigging, and fuel storage/distribution.

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