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Equipment Services

With decades of experience in the construction industry, AMECO has developed a unique solution for equipment needs on capital construction projects. We go a step beyond standard equipment rental, providing a variety of benefits such as customized equipment offering, logistic solutions, risk management, and even maintenance support. No matter what type of equipment you need, AMECO has the relationship with manufacturers to get you what you want, when you want it – no matter where your project is located.

Benefits of working with AMECO
  • Access to all equipment types: Our programs are not bound by a particular set of equipment pieces from which to choose – you are in charge.
  • Logistics and risk management: We can procure, stage, prep, and ship equipment anywhere it is needed, including remote areas.
  • Access to manufacturers and their facilities: We can facilitate a meeting with the manufacturer or a tour of their facilities before your make your equipment decisions.
  • Manufacturer support: We rely on our manufacturers to provide after-sale support and training opportunities to your team. We can even bring representatives to your site.
  • Local content: While we often purchase directly from the manufacturer, we take delivery locally, helping you with commitments to your local community.
  • Innovation solutions: Innovative solutions: AMECO is focused on providing clients with innovative solutions and actionable recommendations based on 75 years of experience onsite and analysis of data provided from the technologies we employ.
  • Safety: By monitoring recalls and identifying and removing dangerous equipment, we help you keep your project safe and your employees productive.
Featured Project Profile
Simandou Iron Ore
In Guinea, West Africa, AMECO provided construction equipment rental as well as maintenance and equipment warranty support at the Simandou iron ore mine.

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