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Blast Resistant Shelters

AMECO’s blast resistant air shelters, featuring an innovative design and non-rigid structure, provide the shelter necessary to protect at-risk workers in blast zones.

The larger the blast, the harder it works

AMECO understands that protecting craft from explosions, fires, and toxic material releases is top priority for any refinery, petrochemical and chemical operation. The American Petroleum Institute (API) has released their API 756 Recommended Practice, which provides guidance on how to protect craft located in temporary shelters from such events.

Are You Prepared?

Solving the problem of craft working in blast zones while maintaining craft productivity is difficult, but AMECO has the solution.

As an authorized dealer of Dynamic Air Shelters, AMECO offers Dynamics’ air-inflated shelters that provide the innovative design and technology necessary to shelter at-risk workers in potential blast zones. These blast resistant air shelters offered through AMECO not only provide project cost savings but they are also approved by the API 756 Best Practices Committee.

Dynamic Air Shelters’ blast resistant shelters have been tested and proven in numerous live field explosions, from 1.8 psi to 11.5 psi across a range of positive phase durations. Unlike other conventional solutions, Dynamic Air Shelters’ resilient air-inflated shelter design with the elimination of rigid and destructive components keeps personnel safer.

Dynamic Air Shelters are also easy to set up without cranes or heavy lifting equipment sites and can accommodate 20 – 1,000 people. Designed to be versatile and portable, Dynamic's blast resistant air shelters are used around the globe where the safety of personnel and performance are critical.

  • Blast Resistant up to 11.5 psi
  • Ballistic Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • No Rigid Components
  • Safe Fail and Fail Safe
  • Project Savings: Projects can achieve 8 to 12 percent savings on labor costs due to placement of personnel at or near the work site for safety meetings, breaks, and meals, thus reducing or eliminating travel time to and from the site.

  • Thermal Protection: A layer of air in the inner and outer lines of the shelter creates a thick, insulating barrier against thermal waves. Recommendations can be made with the site analysis on shelter placement in relation to blast zones and flare stacks.

  • Craft Retention: Aesthetically pleasing and non-confining with a bright interior allows for increased productivity for site work.

  • Versatility: Shelters range in size from 400 to 40,000 square feet, can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°F to 150°F (-45°C to 60°C), and feature interior climate control for both heating and cooling. The applications for use are also varying including lunch rooms, meeting rooms, supervisory offices, and shelter-in-place options.

  • Long Life Span: The fabric for these shelters is warranted for 10 years of useful life with proper maintenance.

Dynamic Air Shelter’s blast resistant air shelters, featuring an innovative design and non-rigid structure, provide the shelter necessary to protect at-risk workers in blast zones.

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Dynamic Air Shelters blast resistant air shelters provide protection against blasts of up to 11.5 psi. These non-rigid structures are designed to absorb the shock of a blast.

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