Deceptive Savings: A Mirage of Frugality

These hidden fees can unnecessarily inflate project costs by upwards of $1.25 per worker per day. That sounds insignificant until the extra costs are put into perspective, equating to an additional cost of close to $1 million over the life of a 2-year project with an average of 1,500 craft workers.

A comprehensive service featuring insulated hydration bins is a more efficient and less expensive distribution method for large sites.

Ice Cold Has Never Tasted Better

You might be procuring water and ice at a low cost, but if you consider the hidden cost of workforce hydration for delivery, onsite distribution, cleanup labor, and waste, you’ll discover you’re actually paying more for water than you need to.

A Refreshing Solution

AMECO Ice provides an all-inclusive solution for daily water and ice delivery, site-wide distribution, pickup, and replenishment.

  • Fully managed program.
  • Flexible, with the ability to accommodate adjustments to quantities and delivery schedules.
  • Reduces labor needs and potential for lost time incidents by eliminating manual lifting and positioning heavy water jugs and coolers.
  • Keeps water or spoorts drinks at OSHA standards for more than 5 days in extreme heat. Or prevents freezing in harsh winter temperatures.
  • Bins are delivered prefilled with up to 500 16.9 ounce bottles submerged in ice.
  • E-Z open flip cap bottle reduces site litter.
  • Bins are forklift compatible and mobile for easy placement on the ground or elevated work fronts.
Is $1 Million in Savings Within Reach?
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