New Equipment & Rentals

AMECO’s network of equipment providers allows us to be able to rent out equipment of all types anywhere in the world. AMECO provides rental equipment for both long term leases and short term rental needs. Not looking to rent? AMECO also sells well maintained used equipment.

AMECO goes beyond your standard equipment rental solution by providing a variety of benefits that can be customized to fit your specific needs. From logistical support and risk management, to maintenance and relationships with many manufacturers, you can be assured that you are getting more than just equipment.
Designed to support the mining industry in the Northern mountainous regions of Chile, this location offers short-term rentals to the ongoing operations in this remote area. The services provided here have helped to increase AMECO's image and experience in the industry and the country. Clients know they can depend on AMECO to provide the right equipment, right now.
Started in 1998 as a family-owned equipment supplier, ServiTrade grew into one of Mozambique’s premiere offerors of equipment service and supply with six operations centers in the growing, East African nation. With AMECO’s acquisition in 2012, ServiTrade can now offer a large variety of equipment, to a bigger clientele, with more expertise to back it up.
As a global supplier of vehicles and construction equipment across multiple industry sectors, AMECO has a variety of heavy equipment and vehicles available for resale. Access our Used Equipment site to browse our list of items for sale.
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