AMECO’s Telematics Offering Supports Life Critical Operations

Telematics sensors on a lube truck in Chile

AMECO's telematics room at their global headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina. Through this technology, employees can track the status of vehicles and equipment in AMECO's fleet.

Geotab telematics unit installed under the dash of an AMECO vehicle.

Through implementation of telematics on equipment assets, AMECO can track leading safety indicators as well as utilization of vehicles and heavy equipment.

Telematics, a term used to describe the combination of telecommunications and informatics, is a growing trend in the equipment industry. Through the use of cellular and/or GPS signals, telematics units monitor and track key utilization and safety information for a variety of vehicles and heavy equipment units.

Tracking Utilization & Supporting Life Critical Operations

Working with preferred supplier Geotab, AMECO’s global telematics program provides utilization and safety monitoring for equipment on project sites. Geotab’s technology can replace or integrate with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) telematics equipment to provide automated reports for equipment utilization (idle time, fuel consumption, engine hours, equipment usage, maintenance alerts). Through these reports, AMECO can obtain a full picture of its fleet and provide Clients with an ever-growing set of metrics and data, which demonstrates the company’s fleet management capabilities.

More importantly, AMECO’s telematics offering promotes safe equipment and vehicle operation, providing the ability to track several leading indicators, including speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, safe reversing, and even seat belt usage. Through customized alerts and alarms, equipment/vehicle operators as well as site management and HSE personnel receive real-time feedback, enabling proactive engagement of the company’s fleet operations.

From a safety perspective, the real benefit of telematics lies in its ability to promote employee/operator ownership and safety accountability. By utilizing this technology as a leading indicator tool, site teams can recognize safe drivers/operators as well as provide additional education or coaching to drivers and operators in order to prevent an accident.

Growing from Client Innovation

Leading the way in client innovation, AMECO’s team in Chile was the first region to implement a telematics solution. Before the announcement of the company’s global initiative, AMECO Chile installed proximity sensors on equipment such as mobile generators, fueling trucks, and lifting equipment as a way to improve safety performance for a mining client. Currently, these 360° sensors are on equipment units at several sites in Chile; they are primarily utilized for speed control and vehicle usage outside of business hours.

“While we initially incorporated this technology to track operator speed as a way to prevent accidents, we discovered that the scope of use for this tool is so much greater. It can support planning, maintenance, invoicing, and procurement, all of which enables us to simultaneously improve HSE while increasing service for our clients,” explained AMECO Chile Fleet Control Analyst Bruno Cacciuttolo.

Launching AMECO’s Global Telematics Program

To date, AMECO has implemented telematics technology on projects in the United States, Canada, Chile, and Australia. From heavy equipment such as cranes and dozers to vehicles and small equipment such as diesel welders, AMECO has installed telematics on more than 1,000 units in the field.

AMECO Operations Support Representative Crystal Zammit has already seen the benefits of this technology.

“The system has already allowed us to start collecting data on where our vehicles and equipment are located on site as well as how they are being operated. In addition, the reports on key safety indicators allow us to be proactive in training and coaching operator behavior rather than investigating the cause following an incident,” Zammit explains.

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