ServiTrade’s Training Capabilities Catapulted by Strategic Alliance

View of the ServiTrade/INEFP Training Center Facility.

The equipment yard at the training center allows trainees to practice operating heavy equipment in a safe environment.

The Mozambique national training center for heavy equipment, created in partnership between ServiTrade and Mozambique’s National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFP), successfully opened in Tete, Mozambique in December 2013. The training center is the only one in the country that provides curriculum supplemented with equipment simulators and practical training on actual equipment.

In its first year of operation, the facility has provided training to ServiTrade drivers and equipment operators as well as to trainees from local projects. Recently, the facility has received requests from multinational companies in the region, as well as the Mozambican government, to provide additional training capacity and accreditation to trainees. Specific requests have been around agricultural and heavy equipment, as well as defensive driving education.

While ServiTrade continues to maintain its existing partnership with the Ministry of Labor’s vocational training division of the INEFP, the need to create additional training capacity was clear. Therefore, to meet these regional needs, ServiTrade entered into a strategic alliance with Transvaal Training, a Republic of South Africa (RSA) based entity with a 20+ year history in providing training on mobile, earthmoving, and lifting equipment, as well as safety education. Transvaal, a key training provider in RSA and in the South African Development Community, offers 102 trainers and assessors specialized in various mobile equipment and safety modules.

Through this partnership, Transvaal will contribute the following to the Mozambican training center:

  • Technical expertise
  • World-class training material, techniques, and accreditation
  • Increased spectrum of curriculum, including rigging and HSE training
  • Experienced trainers to enhance the quality and number of ServiTrade´s existing training force
  • Increased credibility from their strong regional reputation for equipment training
  • Additional potential to increase ServiTrade´s value proposition in the market

This venture will enable the training center to provide a viable solution to improve the skill base of local equipment operators, positioning ServiTrade as a key contributor to the development of local personnel and sustainable growth of the country. Through these efforts, ServiTrade will be well positioned to capitalize on future work with new entrants to Mozambique’s oil and gas market.

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